10,000 YEARS is a series of recreations of to scale sections of modes of public transport that set up spaces of cultural and social conformity. In its current form, a train passes through projected landscapes of strange natures, offering the potential for transformation into other ways of feeling and thinking.

It’s a journey whose origins begin with the consequences of the agricultural revolution and the emergence of monocultures, after which humanity became less nomadic, and dominant power structures prevailed. Moving away from a symbiotic relationship with nature, we as a society started on the path that has brought us here, and with it diminishing the possibility of other ways of seeing and being.

The projection of films on all sides within the mode of transport creates a space of fluidity and transition. The viewer is invited to take a seat in the train and drift through alternative ways of looking and being, and with visions of other places offered the potential to challenge the dominance of one way of thinking.