10,000 YEARS is an ongoing series of installations and films that take the agricultural revolution as the starting point; a time in history after which humanity stopped being nomadic and no longer had to adapt to their surroundings in a symbiotic way.

With the emergence of a monoculture, the possibility of other ways of seeing and being diminishes.

You are taken on a journey through early histories and states of nature in to scale reconstructions of forms of transport that contain film projections. Installations of public transport set up spaces of cultural and social conformity, and contrast with films that present sensual encounters that challenge this state of being.


After a plane and lift, the current ride is a train. The viewer is invited to take a seat and wait for the journey to begin. The experience is a primeval one of darkness and light, fragility and vibrancy, a sensual realm symbolic of those parts of human nature that are often overlooked in the modern age.The fusing of the train and the films create spaces of flux and transition inviting the viewer to drift through alternative ways of looking and being.

(The film can be experienced separately from the installation on one screen)